Sys-Teco vakumipuhallus

Cleaning without water  dry work (no soaking of masonry)
 Usable at minus temperatures
Cleaning without chemicals  no environmental regulations
 No expensive waste disposal
Cleaning without high pressure  especially suitable and usable on sensitive and
valuable surfaces
Cleaning in a cycle
 Low consumption of blast media
 Eco friendly
 High accident protection, since the system is only
working when cycle is closed
Cleaning dust-free  ideal for indoor usage and production areas
Cleaning with granulate  reusing blast media (up to 100 times in a cycle)
 Different blast media for optimal usage
Simple handling
 Short introductory training
 Quick set up
 Connection to common power supply
 Protective clothing not necessary
Eco-friendly  eco-friendly and advanced working method
 Easy disposal
Environmentally friendly  low noise level (75db, like a common vacuum cleaner)
 Ongoing business or customer operating during cleaning
Robust  stainless, since machine is made of steel and plastic
Compact and light  mobile use
 Easy to transport