Houat 500/1000L

Weeding with capacity

The HOUAT is the big brother of the HOËDIC. With an enlarged water tank, a more powerful water pump and a more powerful boiler, it allows two people to work simultaneously. Nevertheless, HOUAT is compact and therefore suitable for almost all vehicles. Electric drive can run independently for 8 hours.

  • Integrated charger
  • Capacity 8 hours of autonomous work
  • Very quiet: 29-32 dB (A) for users
  • Modern design and polyester cover
  • Empty weight: 230 kg (500 L) or 320 kg (1,000 kg)
  • Different options, such as: trailers, wide weed lances, longer hoses and GPS
Hoses: Integrated 10 metre hose with reel
Attachments: 1 or 2 for weeding
Pump: Electric (24V)
Water tank: 500 litres
Weight: 230 kg (500L), 320 kg (1000L)
Water tank: 1000 litres instead of 500 litres
Pump: Strengthened pump to enable simultaneous two person use
Hoses: – 20 metre hose reel instead of 10 metre hose reel
– 360° spinning hose support
– 30 metre long loose hose
Spray lances: – Weed lance, with a thermospheric spray nozzle (standard)
– Weed lance 40 cm for paved ground
– Weed lance 40cm for unpaved ground
– Weed lance 80cm for all terrain
GPS: GPS-system, with information logging