Sshh… This is the most silent weed killer in the world

HOËDIC is the smallest machine in the Oeliatec selection. Equipped with an integrated water tank, battery and a boiler. The voiler heats the water on diesel on Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL). The latter fuel enables the machine to work certified CO²-neutral.

The HOÊDIC does not have a petrol or diesel engine. It works independently for 8 hours in batteries without a generator. As a result, the machine does not only have low emissions, but is also very quiet. Thanks to its compact dimensions, HOËDIC can be transported on almost any vehicle or trailer.

  • Integrated battery charger
  • Capacity 8 hours of autonomous work
  • Very quiet: 28 dB (A) for the user
  • Modern design and polyester cover
  • Very small: LxWxH 117 x 77 x 105 cm
  • Empty weight: 180 kg
  • Optional electric chassis (Hoëdic CM)
Hoses: 7 metres
Attachments: 1 for weeding
Pump: Electric (24V)
Water tank: 300 litres
Size: 117 x 77 x 105 cm
Weight: 180 kg
Hoses: – 10 metre hose reel instead of 7 metre discharge hose
– 20 metre hose reel instead of 7 metre discharge hose
Spray lances: – Weed lance, with a thermospheric spray nozzle (standard)
– Weed lance 40 cm for paved ground
– Weed lance 40 cm for unpaved ground
GPS: GPS-system, with information logging