Hoedic CM

The most quiet weeder is also available with electric drive

The HOËDIC CM of Oeliatec is the mobile version of the HOËDIC. Same options, but with an electric chassis. The speed is extremely adjustable and it has a progressive brake. The powerful electric engine guarantees excellent uphill performance. The HOËDIC CM goes places other vehicles can’t. All of this in serene silence.

  • Integrated battery charger
  • Capacity 8 hours of autonomous work
  • Very quiet: 28 dB (A) for the user
  • Modern design and polyester cover
  • Electric chassis
Hoëdic CMOptions
Hoses: 7 metres
Attachments: 1 for weeding
Pump: Electric (24V)
Water tank: 300 litres
Size: 175 x 87 x 147 cm
Weight: 260 kg
Hoses: – 10 metre hose reel instead of 7 metre discharge hose
– 20 metre hose reel instead of 7 metre discharge hose
Spray lances: – Weed lance, with a thermospheric spray nozzle (standard)
– Weed lance 40 cm for paved ground
– Weed lance 40 cm for unpaved ground
GPS: GPS-system, with information logging