Westermann WKB 660 Honda

Weed brush.

Three rotating brush heads, each with four brush braids, clockwise rotation of the brushes. Working speed 1800 m2 / h (depending on crop) Working width 660 mm.

Effective, easy-to-use, chemical-free weed control is now easier than ever.

No brushing marks on delicate pavements.

Removes weeds to the brim. Effective removal of abundant vegetation. Effective root removal.

Technical details

Brush drive Honda GXV 160 OHV 4 stroke petrol engine
Brush 3 rotating wire brushed of 4 braids
Working width 660 mm
Direction of rotation of brush clockwise
Max. area coverage 1800 m² /h (kasvustoista riippuen)
Axle height adjustable
Tires foamed with polyurethane (with deep groove ball bearing)
Weight approx 95kg