Infraweeder Master 510 R

Weed control with infrared heat

The Master 510 R offers the same features as the Master 510. However, it is also equipped with a stepless drive.
This extra feature helps clean weeds from large areas and slopes without the need for much power.

Technical details

Paino, laite vetolaitteineen 65 kg
Speed stepless
Battery 29,4 V
Battery life 4 h
Battery charging time 3 h
Seal of approval DVGW
Country of production Switzerland
Warranty 2 years


Tire brake
Product IWMaster510650

Buttressed against 2 m
Product IWMaster510992

Safe transportation in a van or trailer.

Product IWMaster510990

Ideal protection against dirt and moisture

Replacement battery Lithium ion
Product IWAK100

Gives 4 hours more working time

Burner series
Product IWMASTER510870
Hand burner and 2 magnetic clips

Hand torch
Product IWMASTER510875

6 gas tanks
Product IWButan330M

12 gas tanks
Product IWButan330K